Your "C" Personality Means You Focus On The Details

We Believe The Details Make the Difference. 

Here's How We Can Help You Build A Systematic Business:

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Systematically Leading The Market For 27+ Years

A Proven System W/ Over $12 Billion Sold

Over 55k Clients Have Trusted Us

Our system is selling 15-30 Homes A Day

It's All In The Details 

We have built a system that allows us to support all types of real estate businesses. When performing over 3,000 transactions a year, we have learned that the details matter. We have to produce quality work and support our agents in every way. Gwen Mills-Owen last year was on pace to become the number one agent in the world. It was our job to help her get there. We made sure that every listing was accurate. That ever "I" was dotted and "T" was crossed.
Together we hit her goal. 

Our Lead Gen System

Building a consistent real estate business does not happen by accident.  It takes analysis,  strategy, and hard work. When you get the details right and make systematic moves, you will grow. Here is the system we have built to grow our brokerage and your business.

  • OpCity follows up on our leads as well as their own, gets them qualified and them sends them back to us. We then route them to our agents.
  • Zillow
    Facebook ads
    Social Ad Engine
    Exclusive Developments
    Rent Any Home Program

      Technology & Systems That Work

      Here is FREE technology that we provide as your business partner:

      Business Builder
      Lead Router/Zap
      Unique Property Websites
      Zillow & Leads
      Personal Website
      Lead Flow
      Email Enhancements
      Golden Ruler Report
      Training Platform

      A Split System That Supports As You Grow

      We believe the little details matter. This holds true with your split structure. We have built a split system that aligns us both. We ONLY make money when YOU make money. We believe that's a detail that matters more than any other. No fees at all. Just steady raises as you systematically grow your business. Once you hit a tier, you never go back down.  We're business partners, it's that simple.

      • Once you hit a tier YOU NEVER GO BACK DOWN.
      • With this model you get constant raises. 
      • It is designed to help you to do more and steadily grow
      • We do not charge ANY desk fees, office fees, print fees or anything like that. EVER.

      Our Training & Support Focuses On The Details Of Real Estate

      Here are some ways we support you as your business partner:

      Broker Led Training
      Daily Team Huddles
      Organizational Support
      Personal Assistant Program
      Digital Marketing Support
      MLS Input & Maintenance
      Desk/Office Use
      Compliance Support
      Awards & Recognition
      Boat Tours