Commission Structure

Commission splits are an interesting thing. If you talk to 5 brokerages you will hear 5 different models. Each one will tell you why it's the best. The reality is, all that matters, is that the model fits best with YOUR business model. In our world, we believe the split should represent the business partnership. We should be doing things for our percentage, and you should be doing things for yours. 

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What Do These Tiers Mean?

We look at the last 12 months of production. That determines where you start on this scale. If you are brand new to the business you will start at 50% and quickly advance from there. It is designed so roughly every 4-5 deals you do, you move up to the next tier. It's all built around Gross Commission Income. Why? Because in this partnership we provide all of the things listed below. WE DO NOT CHARGE A DESK FEE or any other fee. Therefore, we only make money when you make money. You're role in the partnership is your production. While you're building your business we are still providing all of the training, technology and support. As you continue to get more productive, we gain the leverage of scale. Therefore, you continue to earn more, and we lower our "equity" in your business. 

  • Once you hit a tier YOU NEVER GO BACK DOWN.
  • With this model you get constant raises.
  • It is designed to inspire you to do more and push yourself.
  • We do not charge ANY desk fees, office fees, print fees or anything like that. EVER.

Our Lead Generation Programs

We want to help supplement and grow your business too. Which is why we spend thousands of dollars every month to drive thousands of leads that we then distribute to you as our agent. We never want our leads to be your only business but we surely want to help add to your business.

  • OpCity- OpCity follows up on our leads as well as their own, gets them qualified and them sends them back to us. We then route them to our agents.
  • As a brokerage we participate in a large Zillow leads program that drives us warm leads to give out to our team.
  • Facebook and Instagram- We are constantly running FB and IG ads and then distributing those leads to our agents.
  • Cartus Program- Cartus is the worlds largest relocation company. We performed over 600 deals with them last year alone.
  • Social Ad Engine- A Realogy brand exclusive tool that allows us to advertise listings in under 3 minutes on Facebook and Instagram.
  • New Developments- We currently have the exclusive sales rights on over 5 ground up development projects that create more opportunities for our agents.
  • Rent Any Home Program- This is a unique program where our client will buy nearly any home on the market and rent it back to a rental lead giving you more options.

Here is the technology we provide for our % of the split:

Here is FREE technology that we provide as your business partner:

Business Builder
Lead Router/Zap
Unique Property Websites
Zillow & Leads
Personal Website
Lead Flow
Email Enhancements
Golden Ruler Report
Training Platform

Here is the support we provide for our % of the split:

Here are some ways we support you as your business partner:

Broker Led Training
Daily Team Huddles
Organizational Support
Personal Assistant Program
Digital Marketing Support
MLS Input & Maintenance
Desk/Office Use
Compliance Support
Awards & Recognition
Boat Tours