Here Are 3 Tips Just For YOU:

In this business the average commission is about $7500 dollars. Which means you can really have a financial impact on your life. 
1 qualified appointment per week. That is all you need.  That is 13 appointments per quarter.  If you convert 8, that is 2 deals per month.  That equates to $10-$15k a month in  income. That's how simple this business can be.

  • You're newer to the  Tampa Bay area. Which means you likely do not have as large as a sphere as someone who has lived here their entire life. It will be important for you to build a network locally. Through our OPCITY program we can start driving you leads quickly. Nothing will grow your network faster than getting some past clients. We will also work directly with you on our prospecting scripts to begin to build your network and grow your personal brand. 
  • You are not scared to reach out to people by phone, text or email.  This is a skill that we will help you leverage.  Here are a few things we offer that you can take advantage of:
    - FREE list of FSBO's and expired listings that you can reach out to and prospect.
    - Use our phone, text or email scripts to prospect and reach out to your 
  • Door knocking is a skill that is lacking in this industry. Many are afraid and uncomfortable going up to a strangers door and knocking. Your fearlessness can be leveraged into growing your business. We will teach you proven scripts as well as subtle skills that will make your door knocking even more effective. One major skill we will teach you is how to quickly and easily determine the personality of the person who answers the door. This will help you instantly relate and build trust. 
    • Here's 3 Pieces Of Content That May Help:

      How To Be Top Of Mind

      How To Grow Your Sphere

      How To Work A FSBO

      More Technology We Offer That May Help

      Here is FREE technology that we provide as your business partner:

      Business Builder
      Lead Router/Zap
      Unique Property Websites
      Zillow & Leads
      Personal Website
      Lead Flow
      Email Enhancements
      Golden Ruler Report
      Training Platform

      New or Experienced, To reach YOUR Next Level, You Need Support.

      Here are some ways we support you as your business partner:

      Broker Led Training
      Daily Team Huddles
      Organizational Support
      Personal Assistant Program
      Digital Marketing Support
      MLS Input & Maintenance
      Desk/Office Use
      Compliance Support
      Awards & Recognition
      Boat Tours